Bolognese Breeder in the United States

Here at Mesilla Valley Bolognese, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated Italian Bolognese Breeder. We’re absolutely in love with this exceptional and exquisite breed with a rich history steeped in culture and royalty.  Bolognese make amazing additions to the family and are truly loyal companions.  The amount of love they have to give is extraordinary, which is why we decided to breed these majestic dogs with their spunky personality and big hearts.

If you’re looking for a dedicated Bolognese breeder you’ve come to the right place. Located in beautiful Lockesburg, Arkansas and recognized by the American Bolognese Club, Mesilla Valley Bolognese specializes in breeding true to breed puppies that would love to join your family.  We care deeply about the breed, its history, its culture, and every single one of our puppies.  We raise them personally in our home, make sure they’re well socialized, crate trained, and well on their way to being potty trained.  For more information about how we prepare our puppies for you, please visit our puppies page.

Please learn more about this wonderful breed!

We take care to ensure that our website is full of information about this beautiful dog.  Please, take some time and learn about the Bolognese.  It wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve never heard of the breed… they came very close to extinction.  We’re confident that, once you’ve learned about their history, temperament, and fun loving spirit, you’ll be just as enthralled as we are.

Even if you don’t decide that a Bolognese is right for you, or that now isn’t the right time, we appreciate your visit. Every person who learns more about the Bolognese breed is one more step in the right direction of ensuring the breed’s longevity and survival.  We’re glad you came!

If you do decide that a Bolognese is for you then one thing is for certain; When you receive your new family member from Mesilla Valley Bolognese, you’re getting a whole lot of love in a little package.  

Member of the American Bolognese Club

The American Bolognese Club is the AKC recognized club for a Bolognese Breeder